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Dan Biddle

Media Strategist

Dan was most recently director of broadcast partnerships at Twitter in the UK. Dan worked with partners to devise compelling new ways to pair broadcast with conversation.Twitter has built a reputation as the “watercooler” of the social media world. It’s where we discuss the latest shocking events in politics, entertainment and sport. Dan’s big question was ““how can Twitter make TV better?””

As BBC Vision’s Social Media Executive, he developed social media strategies for the corporation’s iPlayer and TV offerings. Dan’s an old hand at developing online communities, and was the Social Media Producer for BAFTA-winning multiplatform production Virtual Revolution. He hosts the Off The Wall Post, a podcast about digital media.

And there's more! He will be joined by Simon Singh, Richard Wiseman, Mark Mullen, Laetitia Cailleteau, John Kershaw, Jeremy Silver, Imogen Heap, Dr Justin Sanchez, Dr Anita Sengupta, Di Mainstone, Darren Jobling, Chris Turner, Adrian Westaway, Tom Scott, Sophie Bostock, others.

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