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Darren Jobling

Digital Entrepreneur

How do you adapt the car-buying experience for a 21st century consumer?

Darren Jobling is the digital innovator behind ZeroLight, a company which uses Virtual Reality technology to change the way that people check out the car of their dreams. ZeroLight’s platform enables dealerships to build a simulation of a car, and give customers an immersive virtual tour.

Darren draws on experience from his many years at independent game developer Eutechnyx to bring games industry talent and technology to the automotive industry. ZeroLight’s clients include many of the world’s leading car manufacturers, including Audi, Pagani, VW and Toyota.

And there's more! He will be joined by Simon Singh, Richard Wiseman, Mark Mullen, Laetitia Cailleteau, John Kershaw, Jeremy Silver, Imogen Heap, Dr Justin Sanchez, Dr Anita Sengupta, Di Mainstone, Dan Biddle, Chris Turner, Adrian Westaway, Tom Scott, Sophie Bostock, others.

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