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Mark Mullen

Fintech Pioneer

How do you build a bank for the mobile world?

For three years, Mark Mullen has been helping to build the foundations of Atom Bank, the UK’s first bank made exclusively for mobile. Mark left his job at the HSBC Group in 2014 to co-found the bank, and is currently its CEO.

The Durham-based firm offers app-based banking with no branches and no opening hours. It recently launched an online-only mortgage product.

Before Atom Bank, Mark was the chief executive of first direct, and his role was expanded to include the HSBC UK Contact Centres in 2013. He joined HSBC in 2000 to launch its business internet platform, and has also worked as head of marketing for first direct and HSBC Bank’s Middle East operations.

And there's more! He will be joined by Simon Singh, Richard Wiseman, Laetitia Cailleteau, John Kershaw, Jeremy Silver, Imogen Heap, Dr Justin Sanchez, Dr Anita Sengupta, Di Mainstone, Darren Jobling, Dan Biddle, Chris Turner, Adrian Westaway, Tom Scott, Sophie Bostock, others.

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