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Will Dracup

Serial BioEntrepreneur

Will is the CEO of Biosignatures. He is responsible for setting strategy, building the team and the overall delivery of the company’s goals.

An Economics graduate, Will’s early career was in software engineering where he worked at companies including Joyce-Lloebl and Systems Designers.

Prior to co-founding Biosignatures, Will founded Nonlinear Dynamics in 1989, where he was CEO until it was sold to Waters Inc., a major US multinational in 2013.

Outside of work, Will is something of a speed freak, enjoying skiing, trackdays and maybe one day rallying.

Will was the 2009 Tyne & Wear Executive of the Year, and is currently Visiting Professor of Human Proteomics at Sunderland University.

And there's more! He will be joined by Simon Singh, Richard Wiseman, Mark Mullen, Laetitia Cailleteau, John Kershaw, Jeremy Silver, Imogen Heap, Dr Justin Sanchez, Dr Anita Sengupta, Di Mainstone, Darren Jobling, Dan Biddle, Chris Turner, Adrian Westaway, Tom Scott, Sophie Bostock, others.

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