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Sold out : Game Changing 5G Applications

16 May 14:00-17:00 at The Core, Science Central, Bath Lane, Newcastle, NE4 5TF

There is a huge increase in interest in 5G – ultra-fast mobile broadband exponentially more powerful than any wireless internet we have today. But even if no one yet knows exactly how 5G will work, there’s lots of leeway to start thinking about how the future of mobile internet will look like and how it will enable every single thing in our lives to be connected in a giant Internet of Everything. What kind of new futuristic applications will be possible to develop and how will that change the way we live our lives? What kind of new business opportunities will 5G create and what can we do already now to be prepared for this dramatic game changing development as individuals and as a society?

Your host for the session
  • Tom Hardwick

    Tom graduated with a BA Hons in Economics and an MSc in Transportation Planning and Policy both from Newcastle University. He joined Nexus on the Graduate programme in 2008 and progressed through the organisation to the role of Project Manager within Business Change and Technology. He has worked on a number of major projects including the North East Smart Ticketing Initiative and more recently the deployment of an IP Network across the Tyne and Wear Metros Infrastructure and the replacement of the Metro Cab Secure Radio system.

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